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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kneel Before None

Pulsating and unholy, Kneel Before None are a band who carry a blasphemous power with them. The sort of might that only HP Lovecraft truly knows of. Their is a unspeakable evil in the music of Kneel Before None, a sort of hatred that is uncouth and crass, completely unwilling to compromise. You do not get into their music expecting something friendly and listenable. No, instead you get in and are eviscerated with graphic lyrics and a midtempo chug that will have your heart on a plate. These guys are sort of a mix of Job For A Cowboy and Suffocation, they have that sheer technicality in their music that keeps you constantly guessing. My one complaint is that the tracks tend to have rather poor production, but a fully developed record should see a change to that. A few faster bits might also spice things up. But as is, Kneel Before None are going to take your skull and you have no choice about it. These guys are crass, brutal and destructive, death metal for a world where everything seems turned against the common man.

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