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Monday, November 25, 2013

Shores of Elysium-Entity in the Void

Spiraling tech death from a band who take no prisoners and go straight for the throat Entity in the Void is the stunning new release from Shores of Elysium, the group who seek to bring true death metal back to Ohio. Their approach to riffing is pretty unique and showcases an attack that no other band in the world can replicate. Often hyper melodic Entity in the Void is an engaging listen that will keep your head banging for hours on end, a slave to the rapid and undying power that death metal has. Shores of Elysium are doing something new and exciting and they could very well be among the lords of the next generation of death metal.

My favorite aspect of this record is the wat that even though the riffs are tight and melodic, a hectic feel still prevails. It helps to keep the record fun and stimulating, their is a seemingly never ending supply of melodic madness to be had here and it just keeps getting better. The general riffs and chug patterns are really solid too. These guys have a colossal bottom end and it helps to keep their attack nice and bloody. Suffice to say, this is pvre death metal, undilluted and destructive. They are not afraid to create metal of the highest and most extreme order. Sure, it takes a lot of skill to pull off, but Shores of Elysium manage with aplomb, crafting a unique sound that will keep you spinning their record again and again.

So, Entity in the Void is one of the most wonderful death metal debut to come out this year, Shores of Elysium have a unique attack and will never give in. A rising star alongside Rivers of Nihil, Anciients and other bands of that ilk Shores of Elysium have the potential to go far. If you want squirrely tech death that will melt your face off with an unapologetic approach, blasphemous in its death metal triumph. This is not metal for the mortal man, but only for the death metal addict. So now I must I implore you, come on in, the blood is fine!

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