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Tuesday, November 5, 2013



A lot of blackened death metal bands seem to fall in the same general category. Blazing black metal with occasional death metal frills and death metal growls on top. Lustmord do something completely different. Their approach sees more of an interchange between death and black metal parts and a mix of black metal shrieks and death growls. Run this all through some lo-fi recording and you have yourself music that is brutal, evil, and most powerful indeed. The kind of metal that will melt your face off and then make you fall into a meditative trance Lustmord do it all. Even though they have just a few tracks on Facebook right now one gets the sense that they could go far. Their sound is pretty unique (the only band it at all reminds me of is dismember) and their dedication to all things heavy is simply flawless. Walking a path less traveled I would be excited to hear more from these guys in the future, and seeing as they have a distribution deal with Universal Music Group I get the feeling we definitely will be.

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