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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend Nachos-Still

Weekend Nachos have long been viewed as one of the most explosive and destructive powerviolence with a sludgy side. This is the kind of music that brutalizes the listener with speed, grinding blasts, and simply vicious growls. The thing about this record is that the songs are short, powerful, and passionate, all signs of a great powerviolence record, and it has long been known, few people make better powerviolence than these guys. Suffice to say, their new record Still is a veritable artistic statement, showcasing all the magic of a music meant to smash the listener into a pulp.

The blasting attack of Still is just one aspect of the record though. After multiple listens you start to get a sense of something more, that Weekend Nachos are really starting to accomplish something with their music. The touches of sludge that have long inflected their music make themselves feel present here but they don't hold back the punishing powerviolence attack of many of the tracks. In other words, by fusing these diverse musical styles they obtain something which is more than a mere powerviolence record, but an album that reaches out and becomes part of the bigger picture. Still is the kind of record that could become embodied within the very psyche of the extreme music community.

In short, Weekend Nachos have never failed to impress, and each of their releases shows a different facet to their simply destructive nature. A fitting follow up to Worthless, Still is intelligent and glorious, the kind of release that people are going to talk about for years down the line. While it might be a bit to early to call this an iconic record I could easily see it achieving that point. Yet I still get the sense Weekend Nachos could go further, and take their sound to a whole new level. For years they have been gradually evolving and I think that soon they will reach a new peak, Still is just the prophet of things to come.

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