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Friday, November 22, 2013

Lyfthrasyr-The Engineered Flesh

Ooh, now, here is something to close out your evening, distinctly interesting and with a powerfully unique vibe is Lyfthasyr an electronic black metal band who are simply insane. Their new record The Engineered Flesh is the kind of album that rips your head off with an insanely technical attack that goes a step beyond what many black metal bands might seem capable of. The electric elements do not dominate the sound but instead give it girth, adding flavor to the pieces and showcasing some of the magic that black metal can have in this strange new context.

One of the first things that will strike you about The Engineered Flesh is the insane ferocity that goes into the music. Almost reminiscent of death metal bands like Suffocation at times Lyfthrasyr have a twisted and evil sound that will cause your neck to snap off from sheer headbanging action. These guys know what it is to create brutal music and they do not shy from pushing the extremes. The songs tend to be in the five minute zone, and yet they are all perfectly constructed, from start to finish, be they chunks of unmitigated brutality or something more progressive, their is a bit of something for every black metal fan, Lyfthrasyr attack the genre from a few different angles and succeed every time.

An album that often defies genre tags, The Engineered Flesh is in many ways a glorious triumph, showing both the magic of Lyfthrasyr as well as the full potential of black metal as a genre. It is simply that good. The rage and might embodied by The Engineered Flesh suggests a bright future for this project. The third record from one of the fastest rising black metal acts in Germany (And that's saying something) Lyfthrasyr is going places. I'm excited to hear more from them, The Engineered Flesh is their coming out and I can only see things getting better from here!

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