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Saturday, November 23, 2013

When Reasons Collapse-Full of Lies

Deathcore is a much maligned genre, often because the bands involved go for silly groovy breakdowns and such instead of preserving the truth death metal aspect of their sound. When Reasons Collapse don't have that problem Their music much more accurately fuses death metal and metalcore with none of this crabcore poser madness. Instead, their new record Full of Lies is a rager from a band who fully understand both of the parent genres and bring it together to create something ferocious and destructive. Core only in name, these guys give me new hope for their genre.

One of my favorite aspects of this band is the hectic riffing showcased in songs like Wounded. It is often immediately contrasted by time changes making the music unpredictable and exciting to listen to. Suffice to say, when these guys want to let out the rage, they are not afraid to go all the way. The ferocious attack is impressive to say the least and shows a band who are capable of doing almost anything with their music. I really like how they mix in the occasional At the Gates style melodic quality to their songs. It helps to keep the music engaging and provides a few valuable hooks. While not a focus point of the music it definitely adds to the magic of Full of Lies.

So, if you're looking for a death metal record that is not afraid to mix in a few breakdowns for flavor then When Reasons Collapse is the band for you. Unafraid of embracing the occasional hardcore element and full of circle pit inducing madness Full of Lies represents seven songs of the fastest and most brutal French metal I've heard in a while. These guys do justice to the magic of the Paris scene and leave me begging for more. Few bands as brutal as this one maintain any front of accessibility, yet When Reasons Collapse manage it masterfully. Fortunately I have their debut EP and I will probably be reviewing it later in the week!

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