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Thursday, November 28, 2013


So yeah, it's turkey day, not for me though, because y'know, FRANCE. So today I bring you Mothermound a doomy progressive metal act who have a pretty unique approach to metal. Sure some parts need to be polished and the cleans refined, but the general idea is really cool. No other band has this strange mix of Rush and Orange Goblin. It works out to create something that I've never really heard before, distinct in delivery and filled with all sort of interesting bits of songwriting. Their new record The Burden of Tomorrow is a fitting debut, the ideas are there they just need to be a bit more refined. As is though, on its own The Burden of Tomorrow stands strong as a powerful release that should capture the hearts of many a listener. These guys bring something fresh and excited to a crowded scene and the impending terror that inflects their progressive attack is really cool to say the least. With a big future ahead of them and years of work behind I am excited to hear what these guys choose to do next!

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