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Friday, November 29, 2013

Hecate Enthroned-Virulent Rapture

Think back my friends, to the 90's, twas a dark time yes, but one band stood out and conquered many, that band was Hecate Enthroned. Well, now, after a nine year hiatus, they are back and are better than ever. Roaring into your speakers their new record Virulent Rapture is a powerful and fitting successor onto their previous releases. The bombastic black metal might of old is back, and the occasional death metal riff helps to keep things brutal and violent. Crashing out of the starting gate with the might of metal titans of old, this is black metal.

One of my favorite aspects of the record is undeniably that which makes Hecate Enthroned so singular. The use of choirs and orchestras is simply magnificent, very much in order with their grand old style. It shows that on Virulent Rapture Hecate Enthroned have lost none of their old school might. This is a sort of ideal comeback album, showcasing the effects that made Hecate Enthroned so good in the first place. Toss in some blazing fast riffs and sick vocal lines and you immediately see how majestic this band truly is. The guitar playing in particular is very tight, it often drives the music to new heights, giving the band a whole new glory behind them.

In closing, Hecate Enthroned have still got it, they drive things to unholy speeds and brings the bands music to a whole new level. Black metal for the ages, destructive blast beats for the master of men and howling vocals ripped from hell allow for the sound to prosper, and explode into your ears. Toss in the unholy symphonic parts and you have something truly special, these guys understand how to craft lush soundscapes that are immediately contrasted  by the frostbitten black metal might of the band. Suffice to say, The record kept me in a virulent rapture of my own.

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