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Friday, November 1, 2013



Plain and simple heavy metal from London Reverted have a sound that is clearly influenced by bands like Tool, Metallica and Monster Magnet. Their bass heavy sound is surprisingly addictive and often captures the spirit of modern metal. The low pitched chug of the bottom end helps to make Reverted sound fast, loose, and furious, the kind of thing that must be immensely enjoyable in a live setting. (And makes me disappointed I missed their Halloween show) In other words, while the basic idea behind Reverted is not incredibly original the way they implement it is, and therein lies their path to the top. No one is really crafting thrash tinged hard rock like this anymore and I think that Reverted have a good chance to carve out a niche of their own. I for one would like to hear how these guys develop in the future. Their distinct sound is powerful, often on a personal level. I could see these guys doing great things later on as their sound develops more and they full embrace who they are.

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