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Friday, November 1, 2013

Shroud Eater-Dead Ends

Shroud Eater, now here is a band who understand how to make pure, old fashioned, archaic SLUDGGGE. Yes, that is how sludgy this band is, they need three G's to communicate the incredible might and magic of their music. Their new release Dead Ends is a continuation on past greatness and it seems like now more than ever this female fronted sludge trio are ready to really break out of their Florida home and become a band revered across the globe. With these five songs we see Shroud Eater getting ready to take the throne of sludge metal dominance.

One of the first things that will strike you about this record is the colossal bottom end. The groups bass player, Janette Valentine is a destructive metal princess, here to shatter your ear drums with a sound that is heavy beyond belief. Meanwhile, the vocals provided by the monstrous Jean Saiz and dear god, do they rip. Her voice is unique to say the least and gives the music a strange and explosive new quality that none of Shroud Eaters peers can match, the sort of thing that melts faces with its ethereal glory. Finally, I'd just like to note that the drums are beautiful. Felipe Torres does a great job providing a touch of Sabbath inflected doom to the mix on songs like Sudden Plague. 

In finishing, Dead Ends is an album you simply have to buy. The sludgy tones of Shroud Eater are a beast all unto themselves and they roar ahead in a triumphant, and glorious manner. The unholy grooves captured by this band will take your soul out for a ride. With a she-beast of a lead singer who will crush your skull in with a voice ripped straight from the gods Shroud Eater are going to go far. This is a fitting step forward for a band who have an ear melting bottom end. I can't wait to hear more from Shroud Eater, I get the distinct impression things are only going to get better.

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