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Friday, November 15, 2013


Seeker, now this is proper deathcore. Rather than falling in line with boring posers of yesteryear Seeker fuse true hardcore with pure unadulterated death metal. Their new record Unloved is an undying and powerful release that shows the power that real deathcore can have and once again proves Victory Records to be a wonderful record label who move the music forward. Suffice to say, Unloved showcases a new brand of deathcore, the kind of thing that will reach out and showcase the undying power that these genres can have. Innovative and soul touching this album gives me new hope for a dying genre.

The thing about Seeker is the impossibly heave attack that formulates so much of their sound. The way they blare out of the gate with ridiculously fast blast beats and blazing solos is impressive. Yet things are clearly and tightly controlled. These guys never delve towards grindcore, instead they let the hardcore influence show. Adding in touches of bands like Ion Dissonance. The way it simply rips your soul apart with speed, aggression, and sheer metal madness Seeker reach out and grab your heart, and then rip out your throat. This is a band who a creating something new and exciting in metal. When I listen to Seeker I feel excited, their is something new here, as if a new age of death metal is on the rise, here to give us all hope for the future. 

Unloved is a new and shocking testament to a band who gave their all for an album that could very well change the entire scene with its undying aggression and a power to simply rip heads off. Brutally fast and very well thought out Seeker are clearly going far. This release is the kind of thing that will be talked about in thirty years. With a dedication to brutality that few can ever really match Seeker are on to something big. Here's to hoping that their new and unique brand of death metal/hardcore will grow ever strong and blare ever faster, this could very well be one of my death metal albums of the year!

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