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Friday, November 15, 2013


Slamboni is a rock band who understand the pure innocence and joy that rock and roll should have. Their is a glorious and beautiful magic to the music of Slamboni. Sure it isn't always perfectly produced and sometimes the songwriting could be improved, but Slamboni drive themselves ahead on vibes alone and that is powerful. When this band reaches out they grasp the soul. Perhaps the greatest example of this is in their track When Friday Night Comes which just captures so much of the North American experience in just a few minutes. See, these guys understand something unique, they have a firm grasp upon the language of our times. While they could refine their delivery the key concept is on point, their lyrics and songs reach out and touch me on a deeply personal level. Their high energy and fun compositions are a joy to listen to and showcase a group with a heart for their music. Pure and powerful I can not wait to hear more of the magic Slamboni has to offer. As they grow and improve I could see them going far!

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