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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I have long been a lover of melodic rock. These bands bring something fresh and exciting to the scene. It gives a new level to the rock and roll anarchy that is so crucial for the fundamental nature of the genre. Seratone have a very tight and powerful sound that is highly refined, these guys are clearly talented songwriters and their approach to music is pretty distinctive. The riffs are powerful and chunky, driven forward with a strange grungy power. One classic example of this is on their track Hurting which has a very heavy riff to propel the entire band to rock and roll domination. In other words, Seratone know exactly what they want to do and their execution is brilliant. You see, this is a band who will rise up and grab you by the throat, pulling you into a world of madness. Yet their is still a clear structure here, defined my memorable riffs and some wonderful vocal lines. An addictive listen I am looking forward to hearing Seratone put out a full length. Prepare yourselves my friends, melodic rock is coming for us all!

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