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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Omega Diatribe-Iapetus

IAPETUS cover art

A Hungarian progressive metal band whose sound is as passionate as it is heavy Omega Diatribe are here for your skulls. You may remember them from a review I did in the past, suffice to say, these guys know how to play their instruments. With their new record Iapetus you see the band at their finest, flaunting their Meshuggah inspired sound and proving once again that they are on the screaming forefront of the progressive music scene. With these ten tracks Omega Diatribe make a meaningful artistic statement, reaching out and proving themselves in a shocking debut.

See, with Iapetus Omega Diatribe don't create djent necessarily, even if the sound is indeed rather djenty. Instead, they create vivid soundscapes that transcend that genre tag, instead they are something more, something greater. Their is a wonderful and manic groove here that gives an entirely new level of depth to songs like Visual Screaming. The way it forces the sound forward is really cool, twisting your body into a crazed and unholy motion. I just love the way these guys make music, no one else is really creating sounds the way these guys do. Sure the influence of bands like Meshuggah and Crowbar is clear, but Omega Diatribe really reach out and create something else, something fresh and unique.

In short, if you want a prog record that has an unholy ferocity to it but also something more. Omega Diatribe have an ability to craft soundscapes that are not of this world and to take you on a soulside journey into the abyss then Iapetus is the record for you. It leaves you begging for more and wondering what the future of the band will be. As is, this is a wonderful debut record and I think it speaks of great things to come for Omega Diatribe. The album leaves you with a feeling of completeness, showing a full story, and so we are left, but dust in the wind, wondering what is to come for this band.

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