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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Servants of the Mist-Suicide Sex Pact

For me, few things can match the destructive primeval power of doom metal. Few genres have the same unholy crushing might that doom can bring down onto your head. Servants of the Mist have a clear understanding of that notion and their new record Suicide Sex Pact is a testament to all that is great in the world of doom metal. See, the undying power, and the slow, but devillish destruction that Servants of the Mist visit upon your ears is impressive to say the least. These guys crawl forward and bit by bit drown you in a neverending storm of metal destruction.

One of my favorite aspects of this record is the tone. Their is something deep and destructive about how the oh so crunchy tone affects the music on tracks like Behind the Curtain which starts off with some strange squeals from a blasted guitar. The sheer desperation exuded by the growls is another highlight of this record. Few modern metal vocalists have this simple sadness in their voices, at least not with this caliber of delivery. The end result of these growls in conjunction with long form minor and diminished songs is emotionally heady music that really gets at the spirit of doom metal. Music that comes out and showcases itself for all the doomunity to gather around and love.

In short, if you like sad, brutal, and oftentimes crushing music then Servants of the Mist new EP Suicide Sex Pact is perfect for you. A band who leave you begging for a full length the vibes that these guys put off are incredible and the way that they reach out and touch the soul is something that only a handful of modern bands can do. A group who embody the spirit of all that is doom I can not wait to hear more from these gentlemen in the future. Doom is rising over the world, and soon, under the bleeding moon, we might see bands like Servants of the Mist rise up and get the recognition they deserve.

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