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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Lock and load, here we have some loud and proud rock and roll ripped straight out of the bowels of hell. Music to bang your head to and party along with into the wee hours of the morning Whitemare are here for your skulls. Billed Turbo Post-old-school Rock n' Rollcore Whitemare certainly have a distinct sound. Best described as Motorhead on crystal meth, Whitemare blaze out of the gate with a sound that is vicious and triumphant. The kind of thing that restores my faith in good old fashioned rock and roll anarchy Whitemare have a sound that is not afraid to pay tribute to the old blues masters. Yet they do it in a way that is explosive and grinding. A fast and loose sound inflected with rock and roll fringes Whitemare are an addictive listen. Their new record Screamer not only has awesome cover art, but is worth many a spin. A release that will keep heads banging and bodies moving for hours to come. I for one can not wait to hear a full length releaes from Whitemare, lets just hope they keep on rocking!

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