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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Summon the Crows, Deviated Instinct Split.

Deviated Instinct / Summon the Crows split 7"

My favorite splits have always been the ones that seem to have a greater meaning behind them. Splits that fuse the old with the new and show a brighter future for everybody. The latest release from Summon the Crows and Deviated Instinct is that kind of split. A release that fuses one of the titans of old with one of the best, and most ferocious crust bands on the scene today this split makes for ten minutes of aggressive and evil music that rips out skulls.

One thing that is impressive to hear on this record is the raw power both bands have. Summon the Crows are clearly young and hungry. Their contribution to the split (Which includes two songs) is simply violent and destructive. These guys know how to make crust to say the least. Deviated Instincts sole song shows that the legends still have the rage that made them so good in the first place. With an absolutely unholy growl at the forefront of the mix Deviated Instinct prove they still got it. It makes me hopes that their return from years of hibernation will be extended and they will gift us with more great music.

In conclusion, this record is a wonderful split, now available on 7 inch from Disiplin Media. Brutal, destructive, and simply heart rending these ten minutes of music (and three total songs) showcase two of the greatest bands in the history of the genre. Crusty, evil, and unwilling to acknowledge any conqueror Summon the Crows and Deviated Instinct manage to come together to create something truly special with this split record, suffice to say, it will keep crusties the world occupied for many a spin!

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