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Friday, November 22, 2013



Philadelphia, my home city, the land I hope to return to in June (That's right kids, I'm moving back to America soon) how can you so reliably spit out top notch metal bands? Todays group, Tungsten is a powerful and charismatic female fronted act who have a destructive sound that is a sort of mix between Mastodon and Opeth. Toss in some magical Iron Maiden bombast and you have yourself a record that is meaningful and powerful metal that will capture your heart. Their new record The Reservoir seeks to be a stunning debut, my first reaction definitely suggests it will be. These guys have a polished sound and a clear artistic direction, they are not afraid to get down and dirty in the heavy stuff, this is the sort of metal that makes heads explode and children cry. Suffice to say, I see good things happening for these guys, their whole approach to the genre is impressive and I really dig their unique style. Be sure to check there album out when it drops January 14th!

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