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Friday, November 22, 2013


Oh progressive death metal, what is your divine and unholy magic? What makes you so capable of reaching out and touching the souls of thousands? I don't know for sure what it is, but whatever it may be, it seems like Descend have a good handle on it. Their new record Wither is the kind of release that we will remember years from now. Descend have been working on their trademark sound for nearly a decade and this seems like it is their Reign in Blood the record that will launch them into popularity and prove them to be death metal masters for us all to honor.

My favorite part of this record is the way the tracks spiral between acoustic beauty and death metal riffage. The magic of this record is found in the mix of brutality and beauty, Descend clearly understand how to create both and Wither fully showcases this. The songwriting is simply brilliant, from the shorter ragers like Severance to the longer masterpieces like Sundown or From Grace to Grave these guys know what it is to write death metal in its purest most unadulterated form. This record is long, triumphant and beautiful, the kind of album that proves the undying beauty of death metal. Wither shows a new and exciting way for death metal to go and Descend are rising fast and furious.

In short, this is a band who march proudly in the heritage of bands like Opeth (without the clean vocals) Descend have a clear artistic direction and Wither is proof that they are finally getting themselves together and meeting their full potential. Their is a sort of aura of power around Wither that makes you, nay, demands for you, to spin their record again and again. Metal is in an exciting place right now and Descend are pushing the boundaries, their mix of acoustic mastery with death metal destruction shows an interesting way forward and leaves me begging for more.

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