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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vernon Howell

Metallic hardcore from Canada, Vernon Howell have a take no prisoners down and dirty attitude, capable of ripping the listener to shreds with a groove heavy sound that will simply pulverize your brain. These may very well be the toughest and roughest Canadians who have ever lived (Asides from Wolverine of course). The oodles of groove that drive Vernon Howell's sound forward are a key aspect of the groups sound. I mean, how often do you get a band who simply use the reckless energy of their riffs to push themselves forward? And how often are those riffs actually worth listening too? Suffice to say, Vernon Howell know where its at and their destructive metal attack is not going to give you any slack. These guys know how to rip out some of the most violent breakdowns that I have heard in a long while. One particular highlight on their new Until the Oceans Boil demo is the song Greed which directly contrasts a super heavy breakdown with an incredibly rapid riff. So, if you want good and violent metal to kick off your Sunday, then Vernon Howell is the band for you!

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