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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cadaveria-Horror Metal

Cadaveria - Horror Metal

There are a lot of bands out there these days that mark themselves as 'Horror Metal' but few pull it off with as much class and grace as Cadaveria. Since 2001 these guys have been crafting some top notch tunes that got heads banging and bodies moving. Today they are back with a new release on Wormholedeath Records appropriately titled Horror Metal featuring all sorts of interesting sounds and an ominous attack that just gets better with every song, Cadaveria is extreme yet gentle, bombastic and destructive, and in many ways, musical heirs to King Diamond and Coven.

One of the most impressive aspects of Cadaveria's sound is the way they cleans and growls, it seems natural and powerful. The girl they have on vocals can really belt it, but her growls are almost unholy in their darkness and hatred. It creates a wonderful contrast and keeps the listener interested for the duration of the record. As I mentioned earlier there is a something unearthly in the power of the attack that helps to make things more exciting and powerful. These guys craft a soundscape that few of their peers could even touch on. The way tracks like The Night's Theatre are arranged belay the sort of magic that is found throughout this record, high flying heavy metal madness.

In closing, Horror Metal is in fact a very fun and enjoyable record. So sure, it may be a little old (It came out in 2012) but its simply a mammoth metal release, few bands really deliver on the level that Cadaveria do. Their power is not necessarily sonic either, it is more in the attitude and mood behind the music, the sort of unholy might of King Diamond is found easily in this record, these guys understand what they want to do, how to do it, and perhaps most importantly, how to succeed with it. These steps have come together to create something special making Horror Metal a wonderful discovery.

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