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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Now Pyrotanic are a thrash metal band who get it. The way they come right out of the speakers with a rough and aggressive showcases a group who are ready to bang in your head, and smash in your face. A band who really know how to riff and to rip out some insane solos Pyrotanic bring on the mosh like few of their peers. The harsh vocals fit in nicely on top of everything adding to the wonderful aura of evil that Pyrotanic cook up. As is, they only have one song out on Facebook, but I really would love to hear some more, they have a great handle on what it is to thrash. Their debut single Wrath is a veritable thrash metal anthem, my favorite part is the jarring vocal assault from the whole band on the chorus, it definitely makes for some hard hitting and memorable music. With this introductory track Pyrotanic have proved they know how to write a solid thrash metal song, the question remains though, can they continue this undying metal mastery, or will they be cast aside in a crowded scene? Only time will tell.

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