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Friday, December 27, 2013

Colossus of Destiny-In Lesser Brightness

Colossus of Destiny is one of those metal bands who seem to gleefully deny genre tags. Their unique brand of heavy hitting music combines a variety of styles to get something that is different, but powerful. See, Colossus of Destiny know how to get by on volume alone, but often, there is so much more to the bands sound than just that. With powerful riffs that often skirt on the edge of chaos Colossus of Destiny go for the throat with their first full length release the six tracks of madness that are In Lesser Brightness which stands as a monument to the madness of our times.

The seemingly hectic mixing of genres that occurs throughout this record actually adds a lot of flavor to the music. The way the tracks twist and turn keeps the listener engaged and guessing. The musical coloring of some of the rhythm lines is very exciting especially on songs like Heavy Loads. The ferocious guitar tone is filled with flavor, I especially like the distinctive crunch it has. This crunch is a large part of what makes In Lesser Brightness sound so hectic. Toss in some crazy drum lines and you have yourself a release that is skirting on the edge of rock and roll anarchy, not the kind of thing that you can ride along with confidence and ease, no, In Lesser Brightness keeps you on the crest of the wave, dangling by the skin of your teeth.

In other words, this is a record that forces you to let it all loose and hang ten. Be it in the crazy way these guys approach songwriting or their go for the throat writing style, Colossus of Destiny do not try to make the listener comfortable. Instead you have to hold on tight and try not to get thrown by the unpredictable raging bull that is Colossus of Destiny. In Lesser Brightness may be their first real full length, but it seems to already be demanding a sequel that is even crazier and more ferocious than this one, and something tells me, Colossus of Destiny are already working on it.

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