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Thursday, December 26, 2013

20 Foot Forehad-Let the Octopus...

Pounding rock music that makes heavy use of dynamic changes, 20 Foot Forehead are a band I've covered before and it was with great joy that I saw they have a new release out, the strangely titled Let the Octopus.. With surprisingly natural vocals and nu metal tinges here and there, this is probably 20 Foot Foreheads best release to date and proof that they can deliver time after time. Somehow beautiful in a never ending cycle of bizarre and brutal sequence of riffs Let the Octopus... is certainly a unique release, yet for me, that is what makes it so special.

The fact that you can't really get a firm handle on this record is part of what makes it so much fun to listen too. Suddenly, anything goes, the band can get away with anything they want, be it strange lyrics or atonal singing. It all comes together to craft something that has a glory unto itself. Sure these guys might never break the mainstream but the simply honest phrasing that goes into this record helps to create something that reflects the souls of the musicians. So sure, some of the production could be polished, the riffs tightened and the solos made more technical. But if they did do that then the spirit of the record would be crushed, rendering the whole thing null and void.

Not a lot of bands these days give up everything else in favor of honesty, and perhaps that is why Let the Octopus... really touches me. They don't care if what they are playing is good, as long as it reflects them, and thus, it becomes good, because it provides a unique window into the lives of the people who made the record. Maybe I'm just being romantic, but I feel like this is the sort of honesty that the bloated pseudo individualistic pop scene needs these days. As they yell out in the final song, When Angels Hate You, “If you don't like, go write your own fucking album”.

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