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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Conjonctive-Until the Whole World Dies...

Two things immediately caught my eye when I sat down to review Conjonctive. First, they refer to themselves as Blackened deathcore, a genre I've never head of before, but Conjonctive manage to pull it off with aplomb. Second, these guys have two lead singers, and moreover, it's a dude, and a dudette! Right off the bat I knew, Until the Whole World Dies... would be an interesting record to review if nothing else. Primarily a deathcore record that uses touches of black metal for flavor Until the Whole World Dies... is a stunning debut from these Swiss metal masters.

One of my favorite aspects of this record is in fact the glorious interplay between the male and female growls. They are expertly mixed and the end result of this is a record that immediately sounds different, even if at first you can't quite identify why. Be sure to note, some of the pig squeals don't quite come off, they add flavor for sure, but I feel like their implementation and placing in the songs could be better. Another thing that will strike you is the unique riffing style, it definitely has a deathcore groove, but the way some of the riffs feel is distinctly black metal, its different, but in a good way, it makes Until the Whole World Dies... very fresh and a lot of fun to listen to.

Until the Whole World Dies... isn't a record for those who like music that follows clear cut rules or genre boundaries. No, this is metal for those who know what they want and want it loud. Brutal, vicious, and unflinching in its delivery there is a lot to love about the sound of Conjonctive. Marked apart by its unique mix of male and female vocals, I could see these guys doing some big things in the future, they certainly have the songwriting know how and the pure, unadulterated dedication to deathcore violence. Sure their sound is evolving, but the seeds of the music are very strong. Expect to hear more from Conjonctive soon, they're going places!

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