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Saturday, December 14, 2013


So, when I saw Adimiron live for the first time a little less than a week ago they were opening for Death Angel and showcased a ridiculous amount of rock and roll energy. This veteran death metal band is filled with a rage that few of their peers can match. But simultaneously they are able to embrace more progressive elements to get a unique and addictive sound. Their third record K2 is a powerful continuation of the groups work, showcasing a band who drive forward against all odds with a sound that is fascinating, passionate, and wholly unique, the kind of thing no one else in the world is doing.

One of my favorite parts of this record is the high quality of the riffs. From the first you know that these guys know how to groove. Moreover, there is a certain destructive power behind some of their riffs that can only be created by a magical mixture of passion and rage. The way the tracks blare forward in all of their bass heavy mastery is triumphant. The use of clean vocals is especially well done, they slot in nicely with the rest of the sound and help to create a delicate edge to the music. It keeps things interesting in fresh, especially in those mid to late album tracks. The growls are wonderful too, the almost shouted quality that they have helps to keep things nice and aggressive, powerful and violent.

In closing, K2 is definitely a unique record to say the least. There are a lot of cool ideas spinning around here and its proof that Adimiron know what's up. Their songwriting is excellent and years of experience have left them with an accurate and destructive delivery. These guys bring forth their own brand of progressive death metal and apparently get better with every album. Adimiron have recently announced that the successor to K2 will be coming out soon, and you have to wonder, what kind of madness will these death metal lords come up with next?

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