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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Its evening of Christmas day, the presents are unwrapped, the Christmas turkey torn to shreds and the fire crackling, what better time to play a progressive death metal record? The thing is with Dehumanizer, death metal time, is all of the time. Their unique and unapologetic death metal attack is not going to give you any respite, instead it will grind your bones into a pulp, a thrall to the undying power of the genre. While these guys bill themselves 'progressive death metal' be aware they are closer to Atheist then Opeth. These guys know how to write a powerful and explosive song, the riffs that Dehumanizer uses are pretty unique and showcase the magic of the genre. Not a lot of bands have the same level of technical skill that Dehumanizer feature, but best of all, it actually works! Rather than coming off as flashy and obnoxious, the songs are natural and powerful, flowing because plain and simple they work. So this is perhaps the best sort of Christmas present I could have asked for, a progressive death metal band who are breaking boundaries and creating music of a sort I could listen too for days on end!

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