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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Asa Noir-The Fall of the Idols

It may be Christmas, but the metal watch never stops, and so we're coming right at you today with Asa Noir a bombastic and ferocious metal band who combine a variety of genres to get something that is powerful and unique on their new record The Fall of the Idols. Suffice to say, Wormholedeath Records was right in signing these guys. Asa Noir seem to have a very good handle on what they want to do and how to execute it in a polished and powerful way. See, Asa Noir know how to right solid metal songs and take advantage of it to craft music that will reach out and touch the soul with its otherworldly metal might.

One of my favorite parts of this record is the unique vocal stylings found in the music. The semi clean vocals have just enough grit to reflect black metal slaughter, but are clean enough that they can be rife with emotion. They slot in very nicely with the keyboards which really add a tasteful element of drama into the sound. The way they soar on songs like Torn By Thorns helps to bring the music to a whole new level. Furthermore, the bands heavy emphasis on melody makes for memorable songs that are not afraid to become full on symphonic masterpieces. The love for the theatrical helps to make The Fall of the Idols a special and fun listening experience that you won't soon forget.

So, if you want a metal record that reflects a variety of genres and is ready to give you hours of listening fun then this is very much the album for you. The Fall of the Idols represents ten top notch metal tracks that are easy to fall in love with and a blast to bang your head too. These guys understand the joy and beauty of heavy metal and have fun with it. Unafraid to approach Iron Maiden like levels of bombast it is refreshing to hear a band with such a bombastic and explosive sound. So this is, in many ways, my Christmas present to you dear reader, one of the coolest metal bands you'll find out there today.

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