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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Disagony-Venom Dish

Venom Dish cover art

Disagony is a really interesting female fronted hard rock band who are bringing spicy rock and roll to the people. Their new record Venom Dish is twelve tracks of madness turned up to eleven and led forward by a crazed wailing banshee of a singer. Ferocious in its delivery and triumphant in its dedication to rock and roll hedonism, Venom Dish is the kind of record that when turned up, can not be turned back down. These guys understand what it is to rock and they will not let up. These guys understand the spirit of the genre and wear it as a badge of honor driving their sound to a new level.

Only a sophist would argue that the brash quality of this record detracts from the overall quality. The rough passages help to make the tracks more poignant and powerful. One of my favorite things that Disagony does is the way they handle vocals, their screeching goddess of a singer imbibes a certain raw power into the music borne of a woman who was destined to make rock and roll. See, Venom Dish gains its strength as a pure and unadulterated rock and roll record, one for the ages, that no man could contest, brash and distorted these guys get the genre and understand what it is to rock, and as their wonderful songwriting suggests, rock and roll will never die.

In short, there are several key aspects to this record that you need to know about. First, and perhaps most important is the raw energy, the grit and power behind the music is what makes it so good. Second, the bands lead singer just gives the entire thing a sort of rock and roll anarchy that none can deny. Finally, the songs just... work. The way they ebb and flow creates vicious and primal aural soundscapes of a type that are hard to escape, their is an otherworldly magic in the music of Disagony, and this is what drives Venom Dish to be one of the greatest rock offerings the Swiss have put forth in years.

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