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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Interview with Infectious Hate

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So I recently had the honor of John and Dan of Infectious Hate answering some questions for me. In the interview we talk about their roots, their passion for music and their unique image. If you don't already know Infectious Hate check out their new EP Insanity Begins 

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1/ How did you guys get together?

Dan: In the beginning there were only two members in the group: John and me. We met the other guys through ads on the Internet.

2/ What is the driving force behind the band?

 John : Infectious Hate is primarily a story of friendship. All group members are united and we have the same passion for music.

3/ What inspires your lyrics?

 John : I'm inspired by themes like death, violence, repressed feelings of rage, blood, gore anything that can animate the human being deeply and in the bestial way.

4/ What kind of message are you trying to spread?

John: No political message, no religious message. Just a critique of our current society and of the human nature. We live in a violent world. Think for yourself and think about your own survival, because no one will help you...

5/ How do you feel about your Insanity Begins EP now that it's done being recorded?

Dan: We are proud of the result! The Studio Zoe H. did an excellent job, the aggressive and heavy side of our compositions are apparent.

6/ How did you develop your image?

John: We always wanted to wear masks. Hatred can have many faces and hide our identity on stage allows us to show another side of our personality. Humans must accept their share of bestiality.

7/ What is the future of Infectious Hate?

Dan: We just want to make good music. We wish to make a maximum of concerts, meetings, signing with a label, in short, go as far as possible.

8/ How do you think you will develop musically over the months to come?

Dan: We'll keep the groove and powerful side of our music while adding more atmosphere to have more depth in our compositions. There will also be a few more technical passages.

9/ What do you think sets your sound apart from all the other death metal bands out there?

 John : Our vision of the death metal is brutal and groovy, but we can combine a lot of influences in one song. Our music evolves in the same time as we listen to it.

10/ What do you love so much about music?

Dan : We love the energy, the violence, the spontaneity and the authenticity.

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