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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dismemberment-Denied Salvation

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats, Dismemberment is here to take you on a wild ride of hectic and blazing blackened thrash metal. The way these guys blaze out of the gate is impressive, and by then their is simply no stopping these Ohio death metal dudes. Their new (Well, relatively new) EP  Denied Salvation is five tracks of blazing death metal magic that leaves the listener dying for a full length, not a lot of bands can pull off this much concentrated rage, yet Dismemberment do it and do it proudly, this is death metal for the children, ready to take their skulls and crush them to dust. 

One of the first things that will strike you about this record is the simply unmitigated rage behind the drum attack. The way that Dismemberment blast forward is impressive and their grinding grooves have a wonderful dedication to brutality. The bass lines are also especially impressive. At first you don't necessarily notice it, but then it hits you, the thudding power that the bass provides this band is impressive. I love the depth it provides to the sound. The mix is part of the magic of Denied Salvation it has a very 'live' feel and makes things come across in a poignant and natural way, definitely death metal that I can get behind!

If you want a thrashy death metal band that mix in a bit of everything into their sound then Dismemberment is the band for you. Be it the black metal stylings on songs like Reap What You Sow or the often Chuck Schuldiner styled vocals these guys know what it is to create a wonderful thrash metal record. Blazing out of the gate with an unapologetic and unforgiving sneer these guys grasp what it is to be death metal musicians in the twenty first century. With a distinct sound and an ability to rage in a way that many of their peers can only dream of, I'm excited to hear their upcoming record!

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