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Friday, December 13, 2013


For a long time I wasn't sure what to think about this strange wave of blackened hardcore bands. I've never been entirely sure where to place them, at first sight the genres seem to be at odds. Then I put on the latest release from Hexis, Abalam and I realized how much sense this unholy combination makes. The mix of hardcore ferocity with the esoteric qualities of black metal creates something that is as raw as the early Mayhem demos but still very different. Heavy and destructive, the bizarre and twisted sounds of Abalam will take your heart by storm and hold you in thrall to the music.

One of my favorite aspects of this group is the oh so heavy bass drum that creates a sort of thudding heartbeat behind everything. I feel like in many ways the explosive drum lines define the music and help to carry things to a whole new level of black metal slaughter. When Hexis play, you feel it in your whole body, Abalam has found mankinds resonant frequency and forces your entire body into a strange and ungodly motion as you become a slave to the music. These guys know how to write albums on a song by song basis things might not stand out as much, but the general feeling that Abalam leaves you with is priceless and speaks legions as to the might of this record.

So, if you want an album that maybe isn't what you would expect at first listen but is still a valid and powerful artistic statement then this is the record for you. The album that made me realize the magic behind an entire genre, Abalam has a power behind it that few bands can match. Be it born of anger or peace I do not know, all I can say is that it makes for the sort of record that any fan of blazing heavy music will enjoy. Black to the core yet not afraid to revel in hectic hardcore energy this album crosses genre boundaries and triumphs in a way that few of their contemporaries could even compare too.

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