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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jizzy Pearl-Crucified

A rock and roll band whose art looks like it could belong to a grindcore band, dear god, these guys may very well be the next Guns and Roses. Their fun and hard hitting sound is a blast to listen too, filled with shrieks, moans, and everything in between. Love/Hate show a bright future for the UK hard rock scene and Crucified is their first step forward to achieving rock and roll domination over that lonely isle. Now that they have deals with Sony, EMI, Spitfire and Shrapnel you get the sense that these guys are going to be going places in the near future.

The six songs on this mini-album (EP? I don't even know anymore) have all been written by the mysterious Jizzy Pearl, who claims to be the bands sole survivor. His voice roars over top of everything else and sets up  the magic of the band. I especially dig his roaring vocals on songs like Love is All, it is tightly polished but with appropriate touches of rock and roll grit. The end result of all of this is a sound that is very listenable and could be enjoyed by fans of classic metalheads or fans of modern rock music. The passion and riffs remain great and showcase the songwriting skill of Mr. Jizzy Pearl. It shows off not only his skill as a musician, but his gift as a pure and simple rock and roller.

Crucified is a rock and roll record for the ages, filled with elements from across generations and put into place by the bluesy guitar playing, Love/Hate is simply fun to listen too, blasting off and taking the entire sound to 11. This record represent six songs made glorious by triumphant choruses, roaring vocals and guitar parts that are often to die for. Their is an aura of magic around this release that suggests it will be going places fast. These Los Angeles rockers have found their own sound and seem to know it will take them to the top, so hold on to your hats and prepare for the ride!

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