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Friday, December 6, 2013

Infectious Hate-Insanity Begins

Now, I've had the pleasure of covering Infectious Hate before, and their first few recordings were filled with promise. Now I bring you their debut EP Insanity Begins a face melting start for a band who have the capacity to crush skulls between their teeth. This is the kind of death metal that makes children cry, that grinds bones to dust, and provides no respite from the otherworldly magic of a genre built for mosh pits and stage diving. Insanity Begins is one solid death metal EP and shows the potential that one of Paris's hottest metal bands has.

One of the key aspects of Insanity Begins and really the Infectious Hate sound as a whole is the mix of groove and brutality. The only band they could at all be likened to in this regard is Slipknot (and maybe Pantera's heavier moments) but even then, Infectious Hate is far more brutal. Don't come into this regard hoping for a message of peace and love. No, come into this record prepared for something grim and brutal, and if the initial growl at the beginning of the track Insanity Begins makes you beg for more then you know you have come to the right place. This is metal for the ages, a band with a clear attitude and the ability to melt faces off, the mix of groove, brutality, and sheer metal magic is what makes Insanity Begins so wonderful.

In closing, this is the kind of brutal death metal EP that I can spin again and again, and for several reasons. The primary one, is simply that the riffs are fantastic, juicy and filled with a sort of power that most bands just don't get, its fun to listen too Insanity Begins. These guys know what the fans want and deliver it at a hundred miles an hour. The top notch production just adds to the magic, showcasing the sheer grit and beauty of the group. I think Infectious Hate have the potential to go far, I simply can not wait for a full length, if it's anywhere near as good as this EP, bones will be shattered!

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