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Friday, December 6, 2013


This Is Our Gun cover art

A Spanish metal band who craft immaculate and strangely beautiful soundscapes, Neverside is the kind of group who are so intriguing upon first listen that you just have to keep going back. Even now I feel like I don't really understand what this band is all about. Be it in the instrumental mastery from the end of Fixin' or the directly contrasting harsh riffs that follow it right up in The List of Lives I've Broken these guys are creating something cool and exciting. It makes their new record This is Our Gun listenable and accessible, there is a lot going on here and it just makes me want to come back for more. The way these guys set up their riffs is wonderful and draws in the listener, forcing their body into a twisted semblance of motion. The songwriting is fantastic too, the way different riffs latch together is excellent. The vocals roar over the top like some sort of hell bound beast, pausing on earth for a few moments to share in the magic that death metal provides. Neverside's star is rapidly rising, who knows what could happen next for these guys?

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