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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kill or Cure

Kill or Cure

Kill or Cure is a very tight group who are clearly on the forefront of mainstream metal. Their tightly polished sound and dramatic delivery is a blast to listen to and will take you away on the wings of a falcon. These guys are bringing forth a brand of metal that is unique and powerful in its heavy metal magic, yet accessible enough that even non-long hairs could enjoy it. The riffs are punchy and tight, on songs like Bullet to the Brain they help to drive things to a whole new level. The vocals are fantastic, the only band that they at all remind me of is Slipknot or maybe Trivium. There is a mix of cleans and growls, but Kill or Cure definitely pull it off with aplomb. This bands lead singer really knows how to rip it, be it with clean vocalled mastery or harsh growled metal madness. The choruses are to die for and just soar beyond all expectations. I see Kill or Cure really exploding in the next few years. They've been together since 2009 and big things are starting to happen for these guys. Here's to hoping that they put out more material, and fast!

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