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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Skydancer-Land of the Grim

Skydancer are a Spanish death metal band who are deeply inspired by their Galician heritage. Land of the Grim is their fourth album and their sixth major release since 2008. Not only do these guys create some killer songs, they don't know how to stop! Land of the Grim is just the latest triumph for these Spanish metallers, showcasing a band who know what it is to endorse all of the madness and evil of death metal. Yet don't think thats what this record is all about, there is much more to it than that, a certain primal power lies in their hymns to Galicia.

There is something primeval about Skydancer, something in the way they write music and in how they put songs together. Their is a certain bombast around these tracks that makes them simply fun to listen too. Be it in the technical solos or in the searing riffs, this album is a veritable tour de force for Skydancer. One of my favorite aspects of the record is how clearly the bands has evolved. This is part of the joy of being as profilic as these guys are. The way they progress and develop is inspired. Yet Skydancer still have more to say and I could see them taking things yet another step forward, truly embracing their place as lords of metal across the globe. Unafraid to embrace the power of the ancients Land of the Grim often embodies the soul of the Galician people.

To finish, this is a record that will blow your mind, not just with aggression or technical ability (both of which are impressive) but with the passion and glory behind it. These are men who do not shy from doing what is hard, or what may not be fun. Yet they go for it and embrace their heritage. It is probably appropriate then that their song O Peso do Tempo (sung in the Galician language) is among the best on the record. This is an album that is fun to listen to, for all of its majestic solos and brutal riffs, it is easy to fall in love with Skydancer, so be sure to check them out and embrace the glory of these Spanish metal lords!

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