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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Killers Lodge

Not a lot of bands get hard hitting rock and roll, sure they try to have hooky riffs that are fun to listen too, but there is definitely an element that separates the boys from the men. Obviously no band quite has Motorheads swagger, but when all is said and done, Killers Lodge do a pretty excellent job of crafting some throat ripping rock and roll madness that any fan of the genre will love. A sound that is equally impacted by groove metal as it is bands like AC/DC Killers Lodge strike an interesting balance between rock and roll and brutality. The end result of this is their release Unnecessary I which is due out at the beginning of January. Herein lies ten tracks that show a band with a unique sound that is filled with fun rhythms and punchy riffs. Perhaps my favorite song is the clearly Motorhead derived rocker Like A Rock it is so boisterous and proud it proves that Killers Lodge can do something truly special with their music. So sure some elements could be polished a bit and some of the vocals could be touched up, but the energy and the rage is here, and that is what makes Killers Lodge so great.

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