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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Plum Magnetic

The Plum Magnetic are the kind of free and loose band who defy genres with a sound that borrows a bit of everything. Their soft and laid back tones take elements of jazz, reggae and modern rock to get something that is fresh and unique. These guys aren't following the rules set down by their predecessors, no they are crafting new and powerful music that still could be treated as easy listening. This unique blend of world music features all sorts of instruments that hoary old metal blokes like me aren't normally exposed to like the tabla and banjo. All of these elements come together to emphasize the unique flavor of The Plum Magnetic, these guys are set apart because no other band in the world can really mimic their sounds. These lads are clearly top notch musicians and their compositions are a joy to listen too. if you like music that combines a diaspora of influences into a fresh and innovative whole then this is the record for you. It's frighteningly easy to get lost in The Plum Magnetics music and I'm excited to hear what they do next!

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