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Monday, December 16, 2013

Make Me a Donut-Olson

I was only recently introduced to the magic of Make Me a Donut and I haven't been able to escape the progressive metal triumph that is represented in the music of this Swiss quintet. Although they occasionally buy into the silly metalcore/djent trend the overall delivery of their new record, Olson, is exciting and heavy hitting. From the first you know that these guys, despite everything else, definitely know how to play their instruments and write a solid metal tune. As they drive ahead and find their own sound it seems like Make Me a Donut will be capable of some great things.

The crashing attack of Olson might on first listen seem hectic and frightening. But once you start to get into the record you realize that this band bring so much more to the table. There are guitar lines that are simply to die for, their attack is distinct and powerful. Not a lot of bands have the sheer technical ability that Make Me a Donut showcase, be it in their through composed songs, utterly abstract rhythms or simply insane solos if you dig technical music then Make Me a Donut is going to appeal to you. This is not the kind of band who are easily forgotten, no, their technical gifts stay with the listener, forcing you to go back, time, after time, after time.

In closing, sure there are some weird mainstream metal moments, but they are drowned out in the waves of progressive rhythms, bizarre song structures, and an attack that demonstrates all that is good, right and salutary in the world of metal today. A record that stands out for its precision and power I'm excited to see if these guys can pull off their material in a live context at Paris Goes Prog fest in March. As for now, let's just say that these eight tracks represent a band who could very well be the next Periphery, or even bigger. As long as they continue to deliver a refined sound and emphasize heaviness metal nerds across the globe should fall in love with Olson.

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