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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Six Months of Sun-And Water Flows

Six Months of Sun is one of a growing body of instrumental metal bands who are not so much influenced by jazz and fusion as they are by Sabbath and Sleep. Heavy riffs and groovy song structures come together to form something that is passionate and exciting. This is the sort of metal that could appeal to people who wouldn't describe themselves as fans of heavy music. With a broad potential appeal and riffs that crunch your bones to dust Six Months of Sun debut release And Water Flows is eight tracks of metal mastery, here for all you heshers out there.

One of the most immediately appealing aspects of Six Months of Sun's sound is the way that these guys roar out of the gate with riffs that simply capture the heart. You see, Six Months of Sun understand what it is to groove, rattle, and roll. The end result of all of this are some strangely addictive sounds with heavy riffs that you will find yourself singing along with and enjoying all the way through. These guys understand how to write rock that is loud and proud and doesn't need silly things like 'vocals' to get in the way. The way these riffs make me feel, the way they vibrate in my head, man, has Christmas come early? It sure does feel like it has! And Water Flows is simply that good of a record.

Having already played with killer acts like Colossus Fall and Rorcal, these guys seem to be on the right path for heavy metal domination. And Water Flows is the kind of record that you come back to again and again. High energy and easy for anyone who just digs rock music to love I can see Six Months of Sun going far fast. This is the kind of rock music that defines generations, and sure Six Months of Sun aren't really well known yet, but this band can't help but do well. Our generations response to Joe Satriani And Water Flows is instrumetal to the max!

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