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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mark Mccabe-A Good Way to Bury Bad News

At first I was kind of dreading reviewing Mark Mccabe's new record, A Good Way to Bury Bad News. Mccabe's music is a sort of very melancholic acoustic rock that comes off with a sort of funeral doom vibe. And I must say, now that I've finished listening to it, I have to say, I think I'm in love. I've had a bit of personal tragedy recently (My cat died) and I've been having difficulty dealing with it. Yet somehow, this new record from Mark Mccabe has proven to be the best way to bury my own piece of bad news and for that, I am eternally grateful.

The magic of this record is largely in the power of Mccabe's voice. It's just so plain sad there is no escaping the sheer depression that A Good Way To Bury Bad News invokes. This guy knows how to write music that reaches out to the heart, it may not be technical or flashy, but by god, it is above all else beautiful, and in the state of mind that I have right now, that is exactly what I need. A Good Way to Bury Bad News seemingly gambles everything on the emotional power of the music and it comes off as a masterpiece. A masterpiece to the point that, with five days left until I write my best of list for 2013 Mccabe has come storming forth as a dark horse.

In closing, if you're hurting and down, if you've had some sort of unfortunate event hit you recently well, this is pretty clearly one of the best remedies you could ask for. Mark Mccabe understands your sadness and reflects it in his music, somehow validating the inner darkness that we must all deal with at some point or another. Almost a tearjerker at times (yes it's that emotional) Mark Mccabe has given me new hope for the acoustic rock genre, he gets the music in a way few others do, his crushing songs are somehow vaguely triumphant making you feel better as you toss another shovelful of dirt into the bad news' grave, and once the internment is complete, there is hope.

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