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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Demo 2013 cover art

A group of witches gather upon a blasted heat, a huge chord sounds, lightning roars, the world ripples. Mist have come to take your souls. This all female Slovenian doom metal quintet have just put out their first Demo (Appropriately titled, Demo 2013) and by Thor is it good. This is a band who understand the key elements in groovy hard hitting doom metal, Mist are this generations answer to Black Sabbath and Coven. Occult and laden with portents of evil, Mist are not afraid to get down and dirty. The terrifying crunch of this group bears down upon the listener in a way that will strike fear into the heart of even the most bold metal warrior. Mist are here for souls and nothing less. There is no mercy to be had from their sound and the occult trappings of a band seemingly born of Satan have never seemed more glorious. These guys could very well be the next The Devils Blood, the way they have crafted their sound and image seems rather similar. As a whole, this is a very unique band who get what it is to create doom metal, so go, raise your horns and prepare yourself for the metal madness to come.

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