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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Albatross and Vestal Claret-The Kissing Flies (Split)

The Kissing Flies cover art

I've been getting some good split records to review lately but this latest one, The Kissing Flies is easily one of the best of the year. A combination of two strange and esoteric bands who don't follow any predetermined rules and let only their hearts and souls dictate their music both bands are distinct, but somehow compliment each other in the context of the split. The record starts off with four songs from Indian metal masters Albatross and then concludes with a multipart epic from Vestal Claret, a band featuring Philip Swanson (Ex-Hour of 13)

Both of these bands have a pretty distinct progressive sound. In both cases their are heavy doses of Black Sabbath, but the esoteric nature of the music is just what makes it interesting and enjoyable. It is not overly pretentious or bold. Instead, classic heavy metal attributes are found here, they are just developed upon in such a way that they take on brave new dimensions, showing new aspects for sound and tides of ferocity that will ride forever unchecked. Suffice to say, Albatross are good as ever on this latest release, I am dying for their next record. Meanwhile, Vestal Claret, who don't have much stuff out, managed to prove themselves with their 17 minute long contribution, Black Priest. These guys have the potential to go far within their own subgenre.

In closing, Albatross and Vestal Claret are not bands I would classify as 'normal' and that is probably what makes them work together so well. There is a certain otherwordly magic to the sound of this split that shows that their are dangerous new directions for metal to continue in. Albatross's weird and chthonic sound will always be a source of pleasure, and the way they interchange between shrieks and cleans is impressive. Vestal Claret may still be finding their sound, but by God is Black Priest enjoyable. So if you want to a split that will transport you to another universe and not let you get off, this is the album for you!

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