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Friday, December 27, 2013

Mourning of the Heretic

Mourning of the Heretic is a cool gothic metal band whose bombastic sound and dedication to all that is heavy hitting is a lot of fun to listen to. These guys have a great handle on what it is to craft some to notch gothic metal songs. Yet their is something much darker here than you might find in many of their contemporaries work. Mourning of the Heretic incorporate black metal and horror elements that other groups in their genre of choice might not dare to touch. This creates a sound that is a lot more exciting to a hoary old metal dude like me, but not so extreme that it would really alienate fans of more typical gothic metal. In other words, Mourning of the Heretic find a nice balance and I think that if they play their cards right they could right it to success. Something for those of you who like theatric metal as well as those who dig more dark symphonic sounds Mourning of the Heretic have a clear image and a definite artistic direction, here's to hoping they can fully capitalize on their own brand of heavy metal magic.

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