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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bloid-Rise to Ruination

Bloid is the kind of death metal band who bring in a variety of elements to create a sound that feels at once familiar and unique. Sure I might never have listened to Bloid since before last night but there is a sort of power to their music that shows it can reach out to the masses and show them the magic of metal. This is by no means a mainstream metal record though, instead think of Rise to Ruination as a distinctly modern version of Lamb of God. These guys know how to reach out to the fans in a way of their own and I think that is what makes their music so special.

One of my favorite aspects of this record is the sheer groove employed, it provides a sort of Machine Head type quality to some of the tracks. Another really great element to the Bloid sound is the sheer rage behind some of these vocals. The way their frontman invokes sheer death metal rage in his growls is impressive, they add a lot of flavor to the music and do a good job of prefacing some of the chuggier parts. One great example of this is on the track The Nemesis which is perhaps the albums vocal peek (even if all of the songs are wonderful examples of the growl in its modern context). As a whole, the polished elements of Rise to Ruination come together to create something unique and abrasive that will tear hearts to shreds across the globe.

To finish, Rise to Ruination are the kind of band who will bust your skull open with a heavy metal sound that rips spines from bodies. Immortal in its rage and unwilling to compromise this record shows that Bloid have what it takes to go far, the real question now is can they develop on their powerful sound and unique image to get something that takes the music to a whole new level. Sure this record is only seven tracks long, but they show a lot of potential and suggest, to me at least, that Rise to Ruination is the first step of Bloid's own rise to death metal mastery.

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