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Monday, December 30, 2013

Napalm Storm-Harmless Cruelty

Thunder and lightning, like a battering ram. This is the only way to describe the crazed heavy metal sounds of Napalm Storms new record Harmless Cruelty. The kind of thrash metal debut that only promises more heavy metal magic to come, ten tracks that understand the magic and power of a genre that is often maligned, this is heavy metal for the masses from a band who get it. So sit back turn it up and let go, this is one of the sharpest thrash metal records of the year. Harmless Cruelty is here to smash in your face and murder your wife!

One of my favorite aspects to this record (As with most thrash metal) is the raw ferocity found in the music. But more than that, the way that Harmless Cruelty is produced seems to give the whole thing a bit more of an edge, turning things up to eleven. This is not thrash for the weak of heart, nor is for the party boy, no, Harmless Cruelty is serious thrash metal for genre purists who turn up their noses at the rethrash movement. Napalm Storm is a lot darker than most other bands on the scene and they profit from that. These guys know how to write tight and vicious thrash songs with riffs that will rip your heart out, and really, what more could you ask for from a band in this crowded genre?

There is something greater and more powerful in the Napalm Storm sound and it sets them apart, these guys have a ton of rage behind them and the raw hatred that defines their music cements them in reality. In other words, Napalm Storm are doing something that is refreshingly different, even if it does take a clear influence from its predecessors. This is a promising debut EP and I feel like this is a group who could go far. The hatred found on this record is real and gives plenty of opportunities for headbanging, thrashers gather around, now is the time to mosh!

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