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Monday, December 30, 2013

Solemn Curse

Solemn Curse

Solemn Curse are a black metal band in the grand old style, their music is fast vicious, and filled to the brim with riffs that will make you suffer. These guys know what it is to craft black metal slaughter and give no mercy to the weak, instead rising on a throne of darkness. Songs like My Bitter Passing are filled up with an undeniable rage that even the most dedicated old school black metal fan must acknowledge. Inhuman shrieks and blazing guitar riffs are just a part of the magic of this record. The production may be minimal at times but for me, that just adds to the magic, the frenzied blasts at the beginning of Shadowlands of Purgatory would not be the same if they gently caressed the ear. No the evil is what makes Solemn Curse so darn enjoyable. Not a lot of black metal bands still go for this sort of old school sound but it suits Solemn Curse well and leaves me begging for more. So let down your hair and start windmilling, the blackest of the black, Solemn Curse is here for your soul!

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