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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Split the Abyss

Split The Abyss

Split the Abyss is a take no prisoners thrash metal band who mix a little bit of everything into their sound to get something that is varied and powerful. Their blazing fast sound is a lot of fun to listen too and charges forward in a way that is addictive and fun. One thing these guys do especially well is solos, seriously, a lot of them seem to be torn straight out of Slayer songs, they have the same ferocity and dead attack. Some of their riffs are unbelievably fast, for example, the breakneck playing of Metathronon is simply insane, the way they sustain a rapid attack is very impressive. Admittedly, the band could work on their production a bit, it would help to draw more fans into the sound. It isn't that bad, but there are definitely some parts that could do with some more mixing. As a whole though, Split the Abyss have a great handle on what it is to thrash and the way they blast forward is fun and exciting. The future seems bright for these thrash metal purveyors, as they further develop their own sound I could see them going far!

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