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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Down From the Wound-Violence and the Macabre

Now, this is what I call brutal, perhaps even too brutal! Down From the Wound is a crazed grind influenced brutal death metal band from the Phillippines. Their first release in more than half a decade (The last record came out in 2007) with Violence and the Macabre Down From the Wound have created something that is brutal, destructive, and wholly unholy, death metal for the death metal maniac. The sheer hatred and destruction imbued in the riffs straight from the opener of Ill Fated Annihilation is impressive and leaves listeners wondering how a four piece could generate such raw evil.

This is not to say that Down From the Wound have released the 'perfect' brutal death record, there are still bits that could be polished. For example, I would like to hear a bit more of the technical side of the music as the slam riffs get a bit repetitive after a while. Yet in most cases the sheer grinding energy of the band manages to overcome some of the limitations and goes on to become something greater and more powerful. With a heaviness clearly derived from bands like Suffocation and riffs in the style of Devourment Down From the Wound pay tribute to their musical ancestors without copying. Still, a bit of development in some of the songwriting would be nice.

In closing, with Violence and the Macabre Down From the Wound showcase a lot of potential as a great up and coming death metal band. The way they grind ahead with a lack of respect for their peers is impressive. Ready to annihilate your ear drums at any time of the day, this is death metal destruction at its finest. Sure things sometimes get dull with repetitive riffs, but in the end, it doesn't matter, it's the energy and ferocious driving passion that helps to bring the entire thing to a whole new level. Let's just say, I hope it isn't six years until the next release!

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